Friday, November 26, 2021
Famous Osun Broadcast Journalist Rotimi Jolayemi Surrendered To Police

A popular radio presenter in Kwara state Rotimi Jolayemi has surrendered himself to the police after he was declared wanted on the order of Nigeria Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed.

Rotimi Jolayemi also known as Oba Ewi who was said to have surrendered himself to the Police in Ilorin on Wednesday March 6, was said to have waxed a twenty-minute ewi (song) on the state of the nation which was perceived to have offended the Minister.

The ewi song was said to have talked about the Covid 19 in which he was alleged to have sang against President Muhammad Buhari and the Information Minister which is deemed as Hate Speech.

The Police had earlier arrested and detained three members of Jolayemi’s family including his wife for about one week before he gave himself up.

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