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…Department planning to cover up

Story By Akinola Emmanuel, Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Federal University, Oye-Ekiti in the last few months has been embroiled in controversies ranging from appointment of the new Vice-Chancellor, suspension of its registrar, among others and it looks as if there seems to be no end in sight for troubles rocking the University.

Despite some noticeable successes recorded by the new Vice Chancellor, Professor Abayomi Fasina, these achievements are about to be dwarfed by some “hungry for sex lecturers” in the institution who are bent on tarnishing his enviable record and achievements.

It is so disturbing that Federal University, Oye-Ekiti established few years ago is now favourably competing with some of its old peers and now attracting global attention not for academic breakthroughs as one would have expected, but because of escapades of its randy lecturers.

While the dust is yet to settle permanently on the revealed sexual molestation which saw the exit of Professor Atere of Criminology department, another Associate Professor in the department of Theatre and Media Arts, Dr. Jonathan Mbachaga is in the news for the same allegation.

Investigation reveals that Dr. Mbachaga, the immediate past Head of Department is fond of molesting the female students, especially those under his supervision possibly for getting good grades just like that Nigerian Professor, Richard Akindele who was accused and found guilty of demanding sex from a female student and later sent to prison.

The same fate may be awaiting Dr Mbachaga if the recent allegation is properly investigated by the authority concerned and not swept under the carpet as it is being currently handled by the department and faculty of FUOYE.

The said lecturer is reputable to be good at harassing, intimidating and threatening his students or supervises all in a bid to go down with them. He sleeps with them and even fail them or give them a low mark.

Things however came in the open when as usual, he slept with one of his supervisees who eventually have an extra year.

Nigerian Alert news gathered that the female student (name witheld) initially, wasn’t assigned to be supervised by Dr. Mbachaga by Dr. Adeseye, the former Head of Department who assigned supervisees to supervisors before leaving office.

However, upon assumption as Head of Department by Dr. Mbachaga, he re-assigned the students and assigned the said candidate to himself, probably because of his selfish interest.

It was gathered that he had been asking the girl out since she was in 200L in level in 2017 but she did not succumb but being directly under him as a supervisee, she had no choice but to give in to the satanic demand of Dr Mbachaga.

The victim who spoke with this reporter on phone narrated her encounter with the lecturer in 2017 shortly after her SIWES and he requested for her phone number which she believed was normal not knowing the lecturer has an evil agenda.

“It started when I was in 200L, I was doing one of his courses then, he now said we should come and do individual presentation in his office. We were going there one after the other, that was the first time he had encounter with me.

On that day, he asked me to write my number on a jotter and I wrote it for him because I was thinking my lecturer can have my number and I can have his, its not a big deal. After that, he will be calling me to come and keep his company at Ado (about 40kms from Oye) , because I was scared that in one way or the other, this man can fail me if I tell him am not interested, I was just playing along.

She explained that most times she would promise him to come around but would later switch off her phone.

He keeps asking me to come. In 300L, we were supposed to present our project topic, I presented my project topic, so I was assigned to Mr Uzor, also a lecturer.

So I went to meet Mr Uzor, he had a meeting with us and approved the project topic for me. After then, we went for SIWES. During the SIWES, this man became the HOD of the department, when we now resumed 400L, first semester, I went to meet him and presented my project topic to him, the one my previous supervisor approved for me.

So he now said if you are going to do this topic, you will give me 200 hundred thousand naira, then you invite 20 lecturers from the university, and your workshop must have 500 hundred audience members and WHO officials.

I was like, I can’t even afford quarter of it not to talk of half. So I say, sir I can’t afford it and he said I should look for another topic.&

Under the guise of supervision, Dr. Mbachaga invited her to bring her project to Ado. To her surprise he took her to a hotel nearby which he claimed was where he usually read for total concentration.

Confused and filled with trepidation, she had to give in as he was not only his supervisor but also the HOD who wields much power. At the end of the day, he approved her chapter one. while on a second visit to Ado, Mbachaga approved the second chapter, what a lecturer?

Nigeria Alert news also gathered that Dr Mbachaga who got married to his wife, December 2019, invited this student to Ado Ekiti and had sex with her for the first time less than four months after his wedding.

Even though, this bad act would have been kept on but for the victim who consulted an aunt of hers for advice and the aunt counselled her to write a letter to the Dean of the faculty and seek for help.

This she did and the Dean held a meeting with the members of the department and some other Heads of the Department in attendance. At the meeting, the Dean mandated the Head of the Department to constitute a panel of inquiry to be headed by someone not below the rank of an Associate Professor since the person in question is an Associate Professor.

He gave the HOD a week to submit the report. The HOD says a panel has been constituted but she did not reveal the names of the panel members who she said is working secretly.

The HOD, Dr. Mrs Bakare is said to be the most powerful and untouchable woman on campus who has a penchant of disobeying orders that doesn’t suit her irrespective of who the order comes from.

Though the one week ultimatum given her by the Dean to submit the report headed by no less than an Associate Professor has lapsed without the report submitted nor panel constituted, she goes about as if nothing is wrong.

Investigation further reveals that this is not the first time such will happen in the department and will be swept under the carpet.

This reporter also gathered that students are now afraid to speak out for fear of victimization as there are aquisations of some junior lecturers demanding money from final year students to assist in writing of their long essay.

It was also revealed to Nigeria Alert news that students now go about with trepidation and fear as they don’t feel safe and secured while members of staff keep mum.

In its effort to get all sides to state what they know, this reporter called Dr Mbachaga but he declined comment on the excuse that he can only talk if directed by the Dean of his faculty, Professor Opoola.

When asked if it is true, he is planning to resigned or run away, Dr Mbachaga denied such plan.

As this report is being compiled,Nigeria Alert news was hinted few days ago that Dr. Mbachaga had tendered his resignation letter and has been accepted by the HOD despite the fact that investigation into the shameful act is still on going, probably to allow him escape the punishment if found guilty.

The lecturer is said to be planning to move to a federal university or State University in the Eastern part of Nigeria as his next destination.

Several calls were made across to Professor Opoola and the current HOD, Dr (Mrs) Bakare, while Professor Opoola was not picking his calls, Dr Bakare picked but decided not to comment.

Obviously, this is a litmus test for the new Vice Chancellor whose sterling performance within his short stay is being heralded by the University community

Nigeria Alert news will continue to update you readers as things unfold.

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