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Democracy Day:Oyo 2023 Governorship Hopeful, Adeduntan Preaches Sacrifice & Constructive engagements

Story By Akinola Emmanuel, Friday, June 10, 2023

   The Osi Bashorun Of Ibadanland and leading Oyo state 2023 Governorship hopeful -Chief Dr Azeez Popoola Adeduntan has congratulated all Nigerians especially & the people of  Oyo  state in particular, on the occasion of Nigeria’s Democracy Day celebration.

Chief Dr Adeduntan currently in Atlanta Georgia, United State of America ,lauded the President Muhammadu Buhari led APC administration for the feat recorded in the last six years which has transformed the nation.

Chief Dr. Adeduntan, an international cardiovascular surgeon, who is also the President, Adeduntan Cardio Vascular and Diagnostic Centre, (ACDC), Ibadan ,Nigeria recalled the varying contributions of the Buhari government in bettering the lives of Nigeria people noted that its achievements have made Nigeria a reference point in the comity of nations .

“Today marks another milestone in the annals of our democratic process.

Democracy all over the world has proven to be the most sustainable system of government and our dear country, Nigeria is seen to be blessed having gone through years of uninterrupted democractic governance.

In the same vein, the administration of President Buhari is celebrating six years of purpose-driven governance.

On this memorable occasion, I extend my heartfelt greetings to people of Oyo state State in particular, and Nigerians in general for tirelessly steering a democratic system of government despite daunting national challenges.”

He commended the All Progressives Congress led government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari for showing great courage in stemming the tide of corruption, in construction and reconstruction of roads, in investment in agriculture for food sustainability, and youth engagement, among others.

We must not forget quickly what president BUHARI met in 2015-a failing state .

Subject to and notwithstanding the above achievements,Adeduntan advised the presidency and all the GOVERNORS in various state houses to pay more attention to security of lives and properties,issues of state police ,banditry,kidnappings ,herdsmen problems and restructuring of the polity that cannot be waived or wished away by fiat  by any Nigerian ,no matter how powerful he is presently ,as power is transient and belongs to almighty ALLAH (SWT) regardless of the failures at Local  GOVERNMENT LEVELS.

To stall, stonewall, prevaricate and use dilatory tactics to delay immediate response to our current centrifugal challenges will be tangential and a disservice to Nigeria.

The listed challenges above, pose immediate and long term, as well as clear and present dangers to the geopolitical entity called Nigeria.

We must do everything to prevent mushroom clouds in the skies of NIGERIA, as seen In 1967-70 with millions lost in lives apart from the economic devastation and wastage.

As a critical stakeholder and a believer in the project called NIGERIA, to assert that all is well on this democracy day ;will be burying our heads in the sand like ostrich ,with devastating future consequences .

The Nigeria Project has never experienced centrifugal forces of this magnitude since its formation by LUGARD in 1914.

We must begin constructive engagements immediately and supported fully by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Those beating war drums should know that there is no clinical war.

War is consequential and devastating..

 No country has ever survived two civil wars. WE must match prayers with pragmatism-constructive engagements of would be “secessionists” and “marginalized “citizens.

Chief Dr. ADEDUNTAN greets all Nigerians for the milestone and urge them to see a glorious nation and oyo state ahead.

That wish is primarily in our hands and secondarily in the hands of almighty GOD -as heaven helps those who help themselves.

PRAYERS alone will not do it.

 Adeduntan wishes all Nigerians

“Happy Democracy day and May Nigeria succeed.

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