Wednesday, August 10, 2022
CSG Suports CNG On Mass Action Against Fuel Hike

CSG Suports CNG On Mass Action Against Fuel Hike

…Demands Dialogue With FG on National Water Resources Bill.

Coalition of the Southern Nigeria Group (CSG) has kicked against the obnoxious increase in the pump price of petroleum products: premium motor spirit (PMS) and over 200% increase in the kilowatts of electricity tariff recently announced by the Federal Government.

He condemned the actions of the government without due consideration to the plight and yearning of Nigerians who were trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after a long dreadful perilous total lockdown predicated upon the global covid 19 pandemic.

We emphatically condemn in its entirety the premeditated resolution to forego the petroleum increment with the most ridiculous 14days waiver suspension of electricity tariffs implementation and onward payments, at the detrimental expense of the mass majority of the Nigerian masses.”

“This unforgivable shenanigan’s resolution was abruptly reached between the Federal Government and co-travellers in the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLS),CSG
ade Union Congress(TUC) and others, having raise the hopes of all Nigerians to prepare for a nationwide mass action strike to call the FG to order, but the NLC rather failed Nigerians.”

“We call on all Nigerian masses to resist these satanic venom causing us monumental impoverishness and amounting to double jeopardy to the Nigerian people, who can hardly afford three square mill per day, now further subjected to the hottest part of the hell fire via this unwarranted continuous travails.”

“In the same vein, the CSG calls for onward national dialogue on the review of the National Water Resource Bill, while commending the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives , Rt Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila for calling on members of the green chambers on the urgent need to re-gazzeting the bill on the floor of the house for full discussion and consideration abinitio.”

“While using the occasion of the 60th Independence Anniversary on 1st October, 2020 to wish all Nigerians Happy Independence Day celebration, while calling on the Federal Government to address the issue of insecurity and dwindling economy.”

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