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Nigeria Alert October 5, 2021

Mrs Cynthia Nwala, the leader of the Legislative Council in Etche Local Government (LG) in Rivers state, was beaten and stripped in the council premises on Monday as the leadership crisis among councillors worsens.

The distressing photos of Nwala, which showed her helpless with her clothes ripped open, exposing sensitive parts, have continued to elicit angry responses from stakeholders, with women’s interest groups urging Rivers police not to take the matter lightly.
Nwala claimed that the assault on her was carried out on the orders of the Etche LG Chairman, Obinna Anyanwu, by the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the Council, Chinedu Onyechi.

Nwala said, “I met the gate of the council locked as I was leaving the office, closed for the day. The CSO said the LG Chairman ordered them to lock the gate. I asked why, they said I was going home with the Mace. I said the Mace is for Leader.

“I am to secure the mace due to what is going on in the council. I don’t know what the other councilors are up to. The Deputy Leader is acting like he’s the Leader, and one of them urged me to be careful, that I should see what they’re planning.

“The Council is under renovation. The place is not secure and the Clerk of the House is not working with me. So the CSO said the Chairman said they should come after me. They vandalised my car and started beating me, tore my clothes. It was a terrible situation.”

Responding, the LG Chairman, Anyanwu said, “That is not true. After screening the Supervisory Councilors yesterday, she wanted to cart away with the mace which is not her duty to do because the Sergeant At Arms is the person that is supposed to be in possession of the mace.

“Because she wants to cart away with the Mace she started having friction with her other colleagues. They locked the Council gates and the CSO only waded in to separate the fight.”

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