Wednesday, October 27, 2021
COVID-19: DIVORCE THE VIRUS…by Abolade, Moses Segun(Executive Director, PEPNET)

I know much of you in 2020

I was told you are with others, and you are close to malaria But no one understands the why of your arrival
Thinking you were far from my area, seems I was wrong.

In China you made them shiver but they have the means to get better.
In Italy, the professional cross walkers experienced hardship And you are demonic in the way you shattered friendships.
Even most marriages are back to courtships And you have made many husbands become sheep.

Who speaks of a bomb and ties mask across the lips?
WHO is the mediator that separates the hands of friends?
Who stand still to question the mind of the panicky?
WHO is the lover of elbow to elbow before a sweet talk?
Who sent our programmes online and postponed the VISA envelops?
Who washes the hands and sprayed not the soul?

A dirty US attended to now and last
The US without a bonus to stay relaxed
The WE that stayed relaxed and hungry
The hungry thinkers tired of unemployment and hunger
Who dare speaks with volumes on radio against the arrest. The arrest tagged quarantine is definitely not for US
Until they pay for our feeding it will be worse.
Poverty and healthy living, they don’t look standard But the peasant cares less about the conspiracies. He only understands, this belongs to some races
Until we find some traces. We remain unconcerned and left our hands on the nose.

It’s the end time: Prophets proclaimed,
You can take the alcohol, if it’s for good
Dimensions for safety, depends on the consequence, Yes, the Chloroquine is banned but needs to be used in sequence. Hence, we are constrained to time, space and economy we need to save our lives.
In essence, stay alive or be an experiment outside the Ark….
…. Stay safe and stay on track.

Please stay safe and don’t panic… Divorce it by following Instructions gotten from verifiable sources.
PEPNET loves and care about you this season. Your Intrapersonal Peace is important to safe you during this trying times.

God bless the world!
God bless PEPNET!

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