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Celebrating Osi Bashorun Of Ibadanland On His Special Day

Today, 3rd April 2020, the Osi Bashorun Of Ibadanland Chief Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan gained an additional year of a life distinguished by humane principles, refined values and remarkable achievements.

Chief Dr. Adeduntan, a Veteran Politician, Cardio Vascular Surgeon, and philanthropist has from childhood showed undoubtable signs of leadership.
In the last three decades, his life has been filled with achievements that truly defined his unique being, a manager of transcendental abilities and a leader of unmatched courage.

Indeed, in the politics of the pace setter state, Adeduntan has been weighed in the balance and found adequate and therefore ready to drive the state to its manifest destiny. The style of his politics gave him influence and impacts that stand him out as a significant political figure in Oyo’s recent political history.

Adeduntan, an international Surgeon of note, a man distinguished by many distinctive qualities, with goodness of great character and uncommon political philosophy of value addition.

Excellence, a rare quality possessed by a few is an ideal quality, making a man exemplary and quintessential in all facts.
Adeduntan is a man of Excellence that speaks about setting a pace and leaving behind a legacy that are of great importance to very few visionary and foresighted leaders who have identified excellence as a key factor in their leadership assignment.

The Osi Bashorun Of Ibadanland, Chief Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan has been positioned by God for our generation.
A rare priviledge and honor to be associated with the divine mandate given to you.

At a time when his contemporaries are either slowing down or have halted their activities completely due to the political experiences of the recent past, Dr Azeez Popoola Adeduntan, the new Osi Bashorun Of Ibadanland is on the go, determined to make every passing day better than the previous one for those in his immediate and remote environment.

The International surgeon energy bursts forth when he comes across an
opportunity to improve life and living.
He never withdraws when it is time to assist; he never holds back when it is time to lend a hand, and never keeps quiet when there is the need to speak in favour of the masses. For him, life derives meaning from the impact it makes.

Through Dr Azeez Popoola Adeduntan Foundation (DAPAF), he has helped to reduce incidence and death from strokes, reduce death at child birth in pregnant women, provide scholarship and educational equipments such as computer stations to low income and under privileged areas.

DAPAF also provides clean drinking water (potable) to reduce the incidence of typhoid, dysentery and gastroenteritis that keep Nigerian children out of schools and parents off their jobs and duties.

Since its establishment, the foundation has made serious impact in the core
areas of its intervention.

As a commissioner of health in OYO state during the last administration led by former Governor Abiola Ajimobi, Adeduntan ensured full implementation of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which today is a success story in the state.

Also, towards the end of the Administration in 2019, Chief Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan supervised the construction of a well built and equipped hospital at Olodo which is currently being prepared as Isolation Centre for COVID -19 in Oyo State.

As you celebrate another special day today, I join millions of your supporters through out the world to celebrate you sir. Happy Birthday Your Honour.

Lekan Shobowale, Media Assistant To Chief Dr Azeez Popoola Adeduntan

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