Thursday, August 11, 2022

Adedeji Fatimah

The Baale Ekotedo in Ibadan Land (Dr), Elder Taye Ayorind has frowned at the ways and manners In which the Federal government and other political leader are handling the issues of Coronavirus ravaging globally with levity.

Elder Ayorinde made the condemnation while in an interview with journalist on a better way forward of curtailing the virus and on a more preferable treatment.

According to him ,there is no enough sensitisation on the Coronavirus pandemic reason that the publicity been done are in english language when majority of the people living in South West are the Yoruba speaking persons.

Dr Taye has urged the South West leaders to do more of Yoruba sensitisation to enable the people in the south west understand how dangerous the virus can kill.

He added that Coronavirus is beyond washing of hands and using face mask that alone cant contain the virus as more people get contracted as the day goes by.

In furtherance to that he said, ” I the patron of Agbekoya knows enough of Nigerians who are very versed in curing people with traditional medicine after all before the  emanation  of the Europeans Nigerains have been curing themselves in all sort of diseases  with native  drugs “.

” I have an idea of calling the native doctors in this area to prove that they can cure and tell us what they use in curing them he added that Nigerians have been brain washed by the Europeans and we have been able to sniffed at our local products.”

” it will be more cheaper if we employ and exploit what we have instead of importing things from abroad and spending billions of Naira all in the name of combating Coronavirus. It will not kill if our people are given the chance to investigate on how to cure it”.

” I was born blind for the first three years of my life and I was cured by a man who is very versed in the Bibke and the Qur’an also good in traditional treatment like u was told”

He stated that the Governor of oyo state Engr.Seyi Makinde ones tested positive to the noble virus but got cured with our traditional treatment also that the CMD UCH was positive.

” I read that he was taking hit Amala with Ewedu every hours because the virus cant survive in hot atmosphere why cant we make the local product in quality and quantity to sell all over the world ”

He advised Engr.Seyi Makinde not to listen to the people who will want to discourage him of his good ways and dedicate time to listen to the people like we told his predecessors .

” this country will ever remain backward if we dont invest into our local product  and until our attitude changes from the colonial mentality before we can move forward”  he added

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