Thursday, September 23, 2021

Olaniyan, Teslim Folarin, Bisi Ilaka Mourn Ex-Commissioner ...

The late Rt Hon Kehinde Ayoola, Former Speraker, Oyo State House of Assembly and Commissioner for Enviroment until he breathed his last has been referred by many as an epistle of life who was fortified with deep personal commitment to the dignity of work.

To those that knew him and aware of how he traversed the road of life, he enriched the lives of many who will have a bank of memories of his leadership, achievements, and example that will live forever and will not be lost in the mists of time.

He was renowned, in his long life, as a big engine of life which did not stop pulsating no matter how difficult and challenging the solution was in so many facets of life be it business, innovation, trade and agriculture and even politics until a solution was arrived at.

To so many, Uncle Kenny, was a guiding light.She set the example of what a trusted friend , brother, and confidant should be. He always did his best to be patient with all irrespective of differences.

However, his departure has just shows you how much we all loved him and
wanted him to still spend more uears with us, but his maker said No, let him come. He set a shining example of the kind of unconditional love required to see a relatonship through good times and bad.

He fought a brave and strong battle for many years in order to contribute his quota to the development of his dear state and restore Oyo State to his deserved pace setting role.

Rt Hon Kehinde Ayoola was loving and real. She was a wonderful husband to his wife and to his strong boys he aid a strong foundation for them.

Honourable Commissioner, I know, many people you love including Governor Seyi Makinde will watch over your childere and make sure that they have a great life, full of your values and wishes.

His beautiful spirit will live on through his children, and they will always know how much you oved them, even though you tried with all your strenght to stay for
them, but God called you, and she had to go.

Now,as you begin your journey to the mother earth, my prayer is that you rest in peace knowing you did all those things for us and that of the-coming generations.

When we love people it’s so comforting to know that they will always be with us in our hearts. So because we all loves you, we believe and know that it is Goodnight and not Goodbye.

I’ll see you Again. ADIEU…

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