Thursday, August 5, 2021
Another Accident In Ibadan, One Sustained Serious Injury

Story By Temiloluwa Oyeniyi

Less than twenty four hours after some people were crushed in Ibadan, a driver conveying cows to the northern part of the nation narrowly escaped death.

At the early hours Thursday, the driver almost lost his life in an accident allegedly occasioned by break failure.

It was gathered by Nigeria Alert that the vehicle which had about six cows in had a break failure at Alhaji Opeyemi Street, Afro Sawmill Old Ife Road, Ibadan which had in it the driver and two other men.

According to an eye witnesses, the driver had already stopped for a check up but thought they could manage till they get to their destination.

Some of them who spoke with our Correspondent said the driver kept driving on the tarred road while one of the the men in the car held a stopper to stop the vehicle in case of any emergency, and the second rearer whose name wasn’t disclosed remained seated in the booth.

An eye witnesses who owns a canteen on the street popularly know as Iya Mary said the cow rearer in the booth was helpless and kept shouting to alert people and also for rescue. She said,

“When the driver noticed he couldn’t control the break, he quickly got out of the car, but the man in the booth couldn’t jump. My daughter who was on the road before the incident heard his scream and quickly took to her heel.”

According to the report gathered, the vehicle stopped because it bashed a Camry Car parked close to an electric pole and fell into a gutter. The cow rearer was stalked in the booth with the six cows on him and was eventually rescued by some of the community dwellers and was rushed to the hospital.

“This is a lesson to all commercial drivers. They should always check their vehicles to ensure its in a good condition to protect their lives and the other people around them.”

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