Monday, June 21, 2021
All Tiers Of Govt Must Collaborate On Amotekun

FORMER Speaker of the Oyo House of Assembly between 1999 to 2003, Asimiyu Alarape, has urged all tiers of government to collaborate on the Amotekun security initiative of South-West governors instead of the prevailing controversies because “the fundamental objectives of government globally is the provision of basic amenities and security of lives and properties.’’

He continued: “And to say Nigeria as a country has fared well on the above primary responsibilities is to beg the issues. As a result, there is urgent need for collaboration and cooperation among all tiers of government to be responsive and responsible to the basic essence of governance.

The Constitution is our ground norm and all our actions has to be in conformity with same because anything contrary would be ultra vies and illegal.

“On Amotekun, in a true federal state where all the federating units are partners in overall development of the country, this kind of issue would not raise its ugly head.

“The truth is that 1999 Constitution foisted on us by military junta is not a true reflection of federalism as being practiced in Canada, Australia, India and USA among others.

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