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108 Years old, Spaniard, Mr Williams Sardo, was the only survivor from a family of 8 from 1918 FLU INFLUENZA PANDEMIC that killed over 50 Million people worldwide in 1918, has this advice for the world in the current fight against the rampaging COVID-19.

“The biggest mistake the Government made in 1918 was that, the Government lied about everything. We were at ‘WAR’ and they lied because they did not want to upend the ‘WARFRONT’.
You had public health leaders telling people this was just the ordinary FLU by another name.
They simply didn’t tell the people the TRUTH about what was happening ”

It should be recollected that, at the PDP needless and shameless Rally of Wednesday of 18th March 2020 @ Mapo Hill, Ibadan, His Excellency, Gov SEYI Makinde boldly told about 5,000 attendees that CORONA VIRUS cannot get to Oyo state.

However, it was not only confirmed that an infected COVID-19 person had been living in Ibadan since March 3rd but Infact the latest information from National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) claimed that COVID-19 infected patients has risen to seven (7) as at Saturday 28th March 2020 in Oyo State.
So who is fooling who between Gov SEYI Makinde and APC that felt the TIMING of the Wednesday 18th March Rally was ill-timed.

Most alarming is the arrogant manner of Negligence with which Gov SEYI Makinde had been handling this COVID-19 WAR, considering that our past APPEAL has been falling on the deaf ears of Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde.

Imagine the Press Releases from University College Hospital(UCH) Ibadan on Sunday 29th March 2020, where Prof Jesse. A. Otegbayo, the Chief Medical Director(CMD) UCH wrote as thus “- 5 days Quarterly Board meeting of UCH started on Monday 23rd of March 2020, but was aborted on Wednesday 25th March 2020, because one of the participants presented symptoms of COVID-19, the fellow had his samples taken immediately for test, the meeting was called off.
On Friday 27th March, the test results came and it was positive and every other participants went into self-isolation, with samples taken. ”

Unfortunately my result returned on Saturday afternoon 28th March 2020, it was positive and I remain in Isolation.

All the staff and especially those that have had contact with me have been advised to immediately proceed on self isolation and get tested ”

As if that is not damning enough, another WhatsApp message surfaced again from UCH, from the Provost, College of Medicine, Prof Ezekiel Olapade Olaopa and read thus” Dear Colleagues, I wish to inform you that the Deputy Provost, Prof Obafunke Denloye and I tested positive for the COVID-19 following the test done on Friday 27th March 2020 and we have gone into self isolation for the 14 days, while our contacts are being observed closely ”

If 12 UCH Board Members had three contact transferred infections and still counting of COVID-19 infections from just one person, one could only guess the number of COVID-19 infections that had been spread out with the Contact of the infected person with about 5,000 people that graced 18th March 2020 Mapo PDP Rally

Now consider Friday 27th March 2020 PRESS RELEASE from Gov SEYI Makinde which read thus :” The (Oyo) state diagnostic Centre set up in collaboration with the UCH is now ready. The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control(NCDC) certification is still pending but the DG of NCDC has made a pre-statement about molecular laboratory in Oyo State”.

Matter of factly, the Virology Department of UCH is currently in dilemma with the spate of COVID-19 infections that has claimed its Principal officers who are expected to be on the FRONTLINE BATTLE, calling the shots on which direction to counterattack the COVID-19 War.

Ms Catriona Laing CB, British High Commissioner to Nigeria also decried the kid glove, unseriousness with which we’re handling this COVID-19 Pandemic on Thursday 26th March 2020 while addressing the Media men.

It is good to refresh the memory of our people that this COVID-19, according to WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATIONS(WHO) as at Sunday 29th March 2020 has infected 19,664,924 (Nineteen Million plus) people Globally with exponentially geometric infection, experienced in Europe and USA because of the kind of initial arrogant attitude which Gov SEYI Makinde is displaying in Oyo State.

As at Sunday, 29th March 2020, the Infection/Death Data of few Countries would suffice here :
DEATH. 10,023
DEATH 6,528
DEATH. 1,228

DEATH 2,013

However, if we juxtapose the 3,304 Death recorded in China with its Billions of Population, where the COVID-19 Started, it is best to go with CHINESE approach in TOTAL LOCKDOWN option, which RUSSIA has already adopted with 5 years jail term without any fine option for anyone caught from Monday 30th March 2020, going outside of his/her home.

Mexico is also closing its Borders with all its neighbours including USA because it is also adopting TOTAL LOCKDOWN option from Monday 30th March 2020.


Lockdown is the best because of the following two reasons :
(1) Contact tracing would be easier once mobility is curtailed moreso with the possibility of virulence because of the Mapo Rally with that number of 5,000 that their Contact tracing would be difficult.

(2) The public spaces like Parks, Markets, Schools, Offices, Motor Garages etc that have been INFECTED by the infected patients would have to be FUMIGATED.

Locking Down for between 7 -14 days would do the magic.

Furthermore, if FUMIGATION Drones could be secured from some of our Research Institutes like IITA, CRIN and FRIN, the Lockdown period may not exceed 7 days and if not, MANUAL FUMIGATION Machines would do the magic but with extended quarantine days and we believe that what the VULNERABLE ONES in Oyo State NEEDS for SUSTAINANCE could be met half way, at least, by the Government, with Government procuring STAPLE Needs that could last them for the period of their quarantine restriction.

The excuse of NO MONEY by the Government would not be tenable considering that the Government just decided wrongly to roll out its intention to fix some Roads at this time of Global Pandemic because how soon a State exit the COVID-19 Pandemic is directly proportional to its ECONOMIC RECOVERY and its possible attraction of INVESTMENT and INVESTORS.

What is even frightful about TOTAL LOCKDOWN ?,
Osun, Ogun and Kwara, all our neighbouring states have TOTALLY LOCKED DOWN.

Finally, Gov SEYI Makinde should wake up from his vain glory of being “one man opposition that was giving the ruling Party headache”. He is now in Government and should brace up to the challenges of Governance like this COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, it was Engr SEYI MAKINDE who said that “it is irresponsible for a Govt to construct four lanes roads in the city and do nothing about the roads which farmers will ply to bring their produce to the cities. This is Grandstanding and abuse of power”.
Now, Is it ideal for a Government that is facing rampaging Pandemic and claims lack of money to keep the vulnerables of the State at home for two weeks maximum to prioritize Road Projects above human lives?
Is that not Grandstanding and abuse of power?
It’s like a Musician singing a FUNERAL DIRGE at a Wedding ceremony or vice versa.

Infact there is No big deal in setting up a committee to interface with corporate communities that have one or two business concerns in Oyo State to turn in their widows mite now that the state needs them rather than cosmetic Xmas decorations of streets that add no value to the health and lives of the residents of Oyo State.

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