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Story By Lekan Shobo Shobowale

Nigeria Alert Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Kunle Omolara, a young man in his 40’s doing very well in Dubai with a security outfit in the Arab nation is now in an alarming and dangerous state of health.

Kunle, a graduate of Mass Communication, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State like every other young and promising Nigerians relocated to Dubai some years ago after completing his University Education for greener pasture.

Since then he has been the breadwinner for members of his immediate family and and and his aged parent.

In 2021, when the World was gradually coming out of COVID 19 pandemic, as practice all over, Kunle took doses of COVID 19 vaccine as directed by his Dubai based company, little did he knew that, this would be the beginning of another unpleasant experience for him. 

” I know those who are really my friends would be wondering where I have been all these while. I haven’t messaged nor chat; it’s almost a year now.

Truth be told, I haven't been fine. I have been down with Stage 5 chronic kidney disease. 

I discovered the CKD after taking the required doses of the Covid 19 vaccine in Dubai. Few weeks after that I began to feel dizzy and my body began to swell up. I visited our company clinic and was referred to the hospital for a thorough medical check up.

When the result came the doctor diagnosed a long time unchecked high blood pressure, and as a result my kidneys are affected; now the kidneys are not working properly as they should; they cannot discharge the water and wastes in my body and that is why my legs and hand are swollen. I was given some medications to use.

After a while and due to my high blood pressure and swollen legs and hands, I began to have seizures. I couldn’t breath properly. I visited the doctor again and then he told me since my kidneys cannot discharge the water and wastes in my body too much water have gathered up in my lungs, that is why I couldn’t breath properly, consequently, I would need to be on heamodialysis, however, he said the dialysis is not the end solution but a kidney transplant.

I spent all my savings dialysing two to three times a week since May 2021. Later, I decided to come home because I couldn’t bear the expenses anymore in Dubai.

Now, that I am home, I was admitted in a private hospital, Solar Medical Hospital, in Abeokuta.

The doctor also diagnosed end stage 5 chronic kidney disease due to malignant hypertension and he placed me on three dialysis sessions every week; each session costs approx. N90,000. He also said the end solution is a kidney transplant which will cost a whooping sum of N15 million.

I exhausted the money I came home with on dialysising. My mum took over the payment and did all she could, spiritually and traditionally, but a good look at her would reveal that the burden is too much for her.

As a result of all these, I decided to seek open help. Please, I am not posting this message to deceive and obtain your hard earned money through false pretense.

I am real and sincerely needs help. My story can be verified; even from friends on Facebook. Please, I need your help. Any amount will go a long way to save my life.”

Pls, Nigerians, help save this young man of great hope and determination to live. No amount is too small.

Remember, God loves a cheerful giver.

Account details
Adekunle Omodara
Guaranty Trust Bank.
You can also call or chat (as well as videocall) on my mobile line +234 7067653435.

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