Monday, August 15, 2022
Adeduntan, Giving Back To The People When It Matters Most  By  Lekan Shobowale

As parts of efforts to assist the “poorest of the poorest “,as well as the most vulnerable in the ongoing raging COVID 19 pandemic in Oyo state, the Osi Bashorun Of Ibadanland, Chief Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan continues extending his hands of compassion and milk of human kindness to them because of countless requests and “begging”

Since the first index case in Oyo State and subsequently gradual spread of the pandemic which has led to partial lockdown of businesses and shutting of government ministries and activities, Chief Dr. Adeduntan has as a matter of love for the people of Oyo state commenced measures and initiatives to cushion the effects the partial lockdown or the curfew imposed by the State government may likely have on the residents of the State.

Though organizations, religious groups, associations as well as individuals have donated to the government various food items, medics, cash ,among others to the Oyo State government for onward distribution to the people ,which the state government is yet to distribute, the Osi Bashorun Of Ibadanland Azeez Adeduntan believes well meaning Nigerians need to still offer more financial help to the people as a way to assist the government of the day. “Indeed,there is hunger in the land “.The world revered cardio vascular surgeon believes that the challenges were too enormous for the government alone to handle ,hence the need for wealthy Indigenes and residents in the state to offer their assistance ,so that we can cushion the social and economic impacts of this pandemic ,especially among the poor.

This, Chief Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan continues to do through his foundation Dr Azeez Popoola Adeduntan Foundation (DAPAF ) with hundreds of people in the state as beneficiaries.

Without pomp and pageantry, Chief Dr. Adeduntan in the last one week, a huge sum of money has been earmarked and distributed to the needy, vulnerable, traders and artisans who have been directly affected by the shutting down of businesses across the state, though with no unnecessary publicity ,but electronic financial evidences and testimonies abound.

Chief Dr. Adeduntan daily transfer of cash from his hard earned income is gradually becoming a daily affair with many messages and pleas which are so difficult to ignore while the beneficiaries after receiving alert of such money continue to shower prayer on him because according to them “such cash gifts are always beyond their expectations.”

For Chief Dr. Adeduntan, he will continue to focus on the plight of the vulnerable, children and women in the state because, it is an unfinished business that needs to be sustained and monitored.

He believes there is a need for more people with big hearts to give back to the needy because Almighty GOD has given so much to him and he wishes to give back.

Lekan Shobowale is the Media Aide To Chief Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan

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