Pendulum: Another Desperate Memo to President Buhari – BY DELE MOMODU


Your Excellency, Assalam Alaikum. It has been over six months since you graciously invited me to your office in Abuja. I must note once again that I was truly honoured and humbled by our one-on-one meeting. We spoke and interacted like two old buddies. What was more, I was all alone with you without a third party in the room. We spoke candidly and cracked jokes freely.

Rev. King, The Law and King’s Supporters by REUBEN ABATI


In the case of the State and Rev. Chukwuemeka Kingsley Ezeugo, the Supreme Court a few days ago, upheld the rulings of the lower courts and ruled that the bearded, self-styled “little god”, “Jesus Christ of our time”, and founder of the Lagos-based Christian Praying Assembly (CPA), deserves to be hanged, for enacting a form of horror movie which resulted in the death in 2006 of Ms Ann Uzoh.

Charly Boy: Inspiring Story of TY Bello and Olajumoke, the Bread Hawker

bread hawker

Am sure you all know what I’m talking about precisely. Yes, you've heard about it but just in case you didn't get a hold of the full gist, here you go....