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From left: Chief Consultant, State Hospital, Ring road, Dr. Ayinde Akintunde Kehinde; Acting Permanent Secretary, Oyo State Hospitals Management Board, Dr. Popoola; Chairman, Oyo State Hospitals Management Board, Dr. Goke Adeyemo; Hon. Commissioner of Health, Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan, holding the chart of the late Femi Oluwajobi; Hon. Commissioner for Information, Culture & Tourism, Mr. Toye Arulogun and the Permanent Secretary, Oyo State Ministry of Health, Dr. Olayemisi Iyiola at the press conference.


The Honourable Commissioner of Health in Oyo State, Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, addressed journalists on the uproar generated by the reported death of a radio presenter with Fresh FM, Ibadan, Femi Oluwajobi, who was allegedly knocked down by a car driver and taken to the State Hospital Ring road for treatment from where he was referred to the University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan where he was reportedly pronounced dead.

Since his death, the management of the radio station where he worked had embarked on a campaign of calumny against officials of the State Hospital Ring road and the Oyo State Government just as the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo has also taken advantage of the situation to launch attacks on the current administration in the state.

Part of the press conference is presented as follows:

Opening remarks

"I stand here on behalf of the Governor of Oyo State and the good people of Oyo State to brief you gentlemen of the press about the activities emanating from the ministry of health and to discuss some political issues that already ravaging Facebook and other social media. I also want to thank my brother, the commissioner for information for making this forum possible.

Let facts speak

"We are here to establish fact because we are trained to give facts and figures not to insinuate or carry out innuendoes.

"This is an administration that I have participated in the last 17 months and as a cardiovascular surgeon well trained and board certified, I am proud to serve under this administration.

"We are not here to polish this government, we are here to establish facts and I have been pained to my bone when I heard about a lot of mudslinging that have been going on in the last several days about the event that happened at Ring road Hospital similar to the issue of LAUTECH and of course those who have been throwing mud at Ring road hospital, which is our flagship hospital.

On equipments and materials in Oyo State hospitals

"Contrary to what I have been hearing in the press that there are no equipments, materials and consumables in our hospitals, that is a lie and I am sure most of you that are here based on the ethics of journalism, I like to encourage you to more or less cross-check your facts before they are published because on March 25, 2017, the governor of Oyo State received a consignment of about $2m worth of equipments and materials from the United States of America which have been distributed to all hospitals in Oyo State. Oyo State hospitals are no longer mere consulting clinics they are centres where we can treat patients with adequate care.

"I am saying it without any equivocation that this is a governor that has spent a large sum of money on healthcare since I came onboard, there has been no file pertaining to healthcare delivery system in Oyo State that Governor Ajimobi has not signed.

"The rot and decay that we have in the healthcare system in Oyo State and all over Nigeria didn’t start in a day. This one administration that has faced this problem frontally and that’s one of the reasons he brought me here to make sure that we bring healthcare delivery to international standard. We are poised, that’s our quest, that our decision; we are going to do it.

Fresh FM can be sued for slander, libel and tortuous interference with professional practice

"There is no place in the world where there are no problems. As members of the press, where there are problems I would encourage you to come and ask us questions in the ministry of health because all over the world ‘health is wealth’.

So, if we have problems we are here to address those issues and answer questions. I’m ready to face any surgeon anywhere in the world about that issue of Fresh FM, this is a chart of the patient and I’m not just talking. Fresh FM can come in any day to access this chart by a surgeon that is well trained, not a quack.

"I want to let you know that the standard of care was met at Ring road hospital. The only one that can save human being is Almighty God, we did our best at Ring road hospital and I challenge any surgeon anywhere in the world to come and review this chart and come and negate what we have done there.

"As a radio station I would have expected Fresh FM to go and get a surgeon to review the chart of what was done at Adeoyo, they just started throwing mud and stones which is not acceptable anywhere in the world.

"And I say again that if they are going to attack any organization, they should have their facts ready.

"This man came to Ring road Hospital with what we call Glasgow Coma Scale of 5. Glasgow Coma Scale was developed at University of Glasgow in 1974 by Professor Graham Teasdale. "What it is used to do is to pontificate and prognosticate on whether a patient that comes into the emergency room can live, survive or die – this man had 5/15. I’m a member of the Trauma team in the US. This man came in brain dead. Instead of blaming the driver that knocked this man down at close to 12 midnight you are now blaming the caregivers that did their best. This man didn’t die at Ring road Hospital. The standard of care is static in any region that you go to. The doctor that saw him took care of him and sent him to UCH; he died at UCH.

"But granted that there is no perfect world even in the US and Britain, people die there.

"So, what I’m trying to say to you in essence is let us check our facts and as I told you earlier on, I’m using you as an opportunity to get to Fresh FM because they’ve been launching a lot of “surface-to-air missile” on this government.

"It’s good that in Nigeria we don’t sue people; the ministry of health could easily sue Fresh FM for slander and libel and tortuous interference with professional practice because what they have done in essence is to castigate and bring odium into us for doing the best that we can ever do and as I said earlier on, I stand ready to meet any surgeon anywhere in the world who can negate what was done by the doctor that saw this gentleman.

To be continued

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